Kitchen Arts Center
A website for a kitchen showroom chain. I am responsible for all of the coding and a good bit of the design and graphics work on this site, including all the Perl coding for the dealer and service rep search engines.

Ron Solomon Photography
Website for an independent professional photographer. I did all the coding and collaborated on the information design. The most interesting part is probably the gallery pages and the way the popup windows are built on the fly.

First Union
While I was at First Union I created most of the graphics which were featured on the site at the time, as well as the layout and programming of most of the online applications and other forms. Not much has survived, but some of my work can be seen in the Small Business section of their website.

This is a recent overhaul of a completely ASP-driven site for a soldering equipment firm. My duties included a ton of ASP and database programming, creating all the graphics for the site, and trying to improve the user interface as much as possible on top of the existing infrastructure of the site.

Visionmark Calendar
I recently designed an online calender application in Perl for my office so that everyone can tell when other people are going to take vacations and when important holidays are approaching.